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Typography: Week 2 – Helvetica Movie Quiz

After seeing the documentary Helvetica in class, answer the following questions by typing your answers in the InDesign document provided:

Download InDesign Template

1. Which country did Helvetica originate from?

2. What year was Helvetica created and what was it’s original name?

3. Name four designers that appeared in the documentary?

4. Who created the American Airlines logo and in what year?

5. What did Lars Müller mean when he said, “Helvetica is the perfume of the city.”?

6. What type classification does Helvetica fall under?

7. What effect did Helvetica have on advertising and corporate identity during the 1960’s?

8. Give three examples of company branding that use Helvetica.

9. How did this documentary help you form the importance of using type as a visual voice in design?

10. Which typeface did the Haas foundry set out to compete against when designing Helvetica?

Please browse and submit your files by selecting your file below.

*Email me a PDF file with your answers.

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