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Toolkit Project Giveaway: Wordcamp Toronto 2014

This past weekend, I attended the WordCamp Toronto 2014 conference at Humber College’s Lakeshore campus. As usual, the event was a great experience and a huge success. I met some great WordPress developers and designers at this years conference. I also had the pleasure of reuniting with some of my past graduates and faculty from Humber College over the weekend. I always come away from Wordcamp with tons of great tips and tricks that help me improve my WordPress skills. The event provided some great discussions, lessons and insights on WordPress development and best practices. A variety of topics were discussed during the conference, ranging from basic WordPress installation to best practices in web design and development. I always encourage my graphic design and web design students—at Humber College—to attend Wordcamp if they ever get the chance. With many of my college students gaining interest in web design and development, I thought this conference would be a great opportunity to give high school students a head start in learning more about the web design and development industry.

This year, I decided to set a goal for myself and help provide elementary–high school students with an opportunity to learn more about the arts, design and technology industries at an early age. So, I started The Toolkit Project, which is a series of personal design projects that I have been wanting to develop over the years. Some of these projects include, design resources and productivity tools for designers, design and development workshops for students, and networking events for industry professionals. I thought the development of these projects would be a great way to raise funds and help facilitate the education and exposure of these industries to students in elementary school and high school.

Thanks to many of my peers and followers on social media who purchased some of my UI UX Sketchbooks, one of the 450 WordPress enthusiasts in attendance at this years Wordcamp conference was Olivia Townsend; who attends Havergal College in Toronto Ontario. ( http://www.havergal.on.ca ) It was my pleasure to have provided Olivia with an opportunity to experience this years Wordcamp conference. I had hoped that Olivia would find this years event insightful and inspiring; as much as I did during my first Wordcamp conference. Olivia indeed found the conference useful and had a great time learning about WordPress.


[quote text_size=”big” author=”Olivia Townsend”]

“Thanks a lot for this! I had a great time and learned some valuable knowledge about WordPress. I hope you continue to encourage youth to come to these types of events.  The UI UX Sketchbook will also come in handy.”


My goal is to continue providing these types of opportunities for elementary and high school students in the future. Hopefully, with continued support, I can provide even more students with the tools and resources they’ll need to develop their interests and skills in the arts, design and technology.

As for my next project, I still have a few UI/UX Sketchbooks and hope to provide art supplies for elementary school students with the proceeds. I’m currently working on developing a few other tools to add under the Toolkit Project’s Store. 🙂

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