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It doesn’t matter how good you are as an artist, programmer or new media solutions developer. If you can’t sell yourself, if you can’t manage your client and your timelines, if you can’t deliver on your promise, you’re not going anywhere. For anyone in the digital media industry, it is essential to come to terms with the “business” side of the web. This is the quintessential challenge in the creative industry. It is filled with creative people who just want to get on with the challenge and pleasure of creating. But complex design and development solutions cannot be approached in a haphazard way, otherwise everything will fall apart shortly after the first thumbnails / designs / screens / sitemap / prototypes are presented to the client. This course covers more than pure project management. It provides the foundation for designing, developing and deploying a complete solution that will leave the customer satisfied. As an addition to a student’s creative skills this course teaches the skills to win the business and complete the project.


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