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PDF Pages to Ai Artboards is BACK!

pdf pages to illustrator artboards

Have you ever had a multi paged PDF document that you wanted to place into Illustrator and have every page convert into its own artboard? I have. I came across a solution a couple years ago using an apple script that was created by Shane Stanley. I had CS4 at the time and the script was intended to only work for that version. Since then, I’ve upgraded to CS5 and, now CS5.5 and when I tried to drag and drop a multi page PDF document into my CS5 version, I couldn’t do it. 🙁

Well, it’s been almost over a year and Shane has written a new apple script that is able to convert PDF documents into Illustrator artboards for CS5. 🙂

Thanks Shane,  There’s balance in my Ai world once again.
[button link=”https://www.mark-anthony.ca/downloads/PDF2ArtboardsCS5.zip” size=”large” text_size=”beta”]Download[/button]


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