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PDF Pages to Ai Artboards is BACK!

Have you ever had a multi paged PDF document that you wanted to place into Illustrator and have every page convert into its own artboard? I have. I came across a solution a couple years ago using an apple script that was created by...

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Raster or Vector 3: GD0311 Vector Illustrations

This semester, the bar was raised yet again. I am so proud of my GD0311 students and their accomplishments with this project and all of their projects to date. The Graphic Design for Print and Web students created some amazing realistic vector drawings using...

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Creating a compound path with gradient mesh

Some shapes, no matter how hard you try, won’t let you apply a gradient mesh. The following steps should be used if you want to apply a gradient mesh to a compound path. Step 1 Let us build a Gradient Mesh for the Compound...

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Raster or Vector? GD0910 Vector Illustrations.

Every semester, the students of Graphic Design for Print and Web create a realistic vector drawing of an actual piece of hardware or small appliance using Adobe Illustrator. They are expected to use proper layer structure to organize a complex drawing while choosing the...

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Convert an Adobe InDesign Document to Grayscale

Adobe InDesign is one of the programs of choice for layout specialists in a wide variety of industries. The program is great for creating everything from promotional posters to brochures and business cards. In the interest of saving ink and time, it sometimes becomes...

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Presentation Folder Assembly.

I’ve put together this demo for my GDPW100 class to read through step-by-step instructions on how to mount, trim and fold a presentation folder for submission. The first step is obviously to print your presentation folder using the tiling function, within Ai’s print options. Your presentation folder...

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