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Headspace. A lofi playlist to design + chill to.


🎧 💆🏾‍♂️Headspace. A lofi playlist to design and chill to. (vol.1)
How’d We Get Here? #Podcast #EdtechXD #DAF
Podcast: howdwegetherepodcast.com/

If you’ve ever been a student or guest in my classroom, you’d notice the sounds of hiphop and jazz instrumentals leak from the classroom speakers as we work, CRIT, or present final design projects.

After laying out the sound and story I’d like to present from this collection of instrumentals ( made by my nephew and music producer @danielfadelle ), I wanted a sound that would also compliment my ‘How’d We Get Here? Podcast’ for students and teachers to listen to while working, designing, or just relaxing. This playlist mix tells a story of “a life in the day of…” and our headspace as we go through the process of design and the weekly grind of everyday life. Let me know if you catch the themes behind the tracks/playlist.

S/O to my nephew D for producing these instrumental beats and for my podcast / video tutorials. 🙏🏾 👑 Special thanks to Reuben Looyenga @reubenlooyenga for the portrait cover art illustration. To all of you who’ve ever shared a classroom with me, there’s way too many of you to tag but I see you all 👀 and you inspire me to be who I am. #Headspace #HowdWeGetHerePodcast #Podcast #Education #Design #Wellness #EdTechXD #DAF

To purchase and stream beats by @danielfadelle on Spotify, links are below. ✌🏾



Beats produced by Daniel Fadelle: www.youtube.com/channel/UC2fGqbn0tIoUgqwSBDYIvBA
Buy/Stream ‘Thinking Space’ the album by Daniel Fadelle on Spotify: open.spotify.com/album/6D40sg0ePQ…UiRwSbI_l_x7K3sg

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