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Critical to the success and profitability of the designer’s work is the transition from concept to print. This course deals with preparing your files for output to a variety of devices ranging from laser printers to image setters, and computer-to-plate/press (CTP) systems. As the course progresses, students will become aware of the changing roles and needs of clients and designers, the various prepress tools and applications available for the task at hand, their strengths and their weaknesses, the proofing cycle, colour correction, trapping, imposition, bindery, estimation and the evolving role of the service bureau and the printer in the area of digital prepress.
Areas of study include: prepress terminology; industry layout standards; appropriate image resolution; scanning; efficient font management; colour trapping and separations; display devices; colour corrections and colour calibration; output considerations including native layout formats; TIFF, PDF and EPS files; prepress workflow; proofing; networking and selection and relationships with service bureaus.