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GDPW0912: Illustrator Vector Portraits

As an introductory project to Adobe Illustrator,  students were asked to render a representational vector portrait/avatar of their own faces and add an accompanied colour harmony rule to express their personality or expression in the photo.

To do this, students were restricted to using the pen tool, along with basic shapes and solid colour.

The learning outcomes of this assignment included efficient use of layers to organize their drawing, and the mastering of the pen tool – which is probably the single most useful tool for vector drawings available to a graphic designer. As well, students learned how to accurately identify tonal values, colour and shape configurations in this type of representational drawing.

Meet Mary-Anne


Meet Diana


Meet Brandon


Meet Nicole


Meet Cristina


Meet Karen


Meet Kailani


Meet Emily


Meet Lianne


illustrator_portrait_caitcuthbertMeet Caitlin

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