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Digital Publishing Suite is a complete solution that lets individual designers, magazine and newspaper publishers, retailers, ad agencies, and major media and brand organizations create, distribute, monetize, and optimize cutting-edge interactive content and publications for tablets. In this course, you will learn how to use the Adobe® Digital Publishing Suite to create, and optimize publications for various tablet devices. You will create and deliver engaging layout design with rich-media content while increasing the users experience when reading on a variety of mobile devices and platforms — including:  Apple’s iPad, Google’s Android™ devices, and BlackBerry’s PlayBook tablets.

*Note: Publishing folio files for commercial use to tablet devices require a license and monthly subscription from Adobe and an Apple Developer Licence. This course is intended for design purposes and not publishing folios for app stores.


Objectives & Learning Outcomes:

-Setting up the DPS environment
-DPS workflow and file management
-DPS Design and layout documentation
-Navigating folios on a tablet device
-Creating DPS documents
-Creating alternate layouts & page orientations
-Creating Folios with the Folio Builder
-Overview of the Folio Overlay panel
-Creating hyperlinks to articles and pages within a folio
-Scrollable Frames/Content
-Placing and streaming video

-Placing audio and creating custom audio controls
-Image sequences
-Object States
-Super Overlays & Slideshows with buttons
-Pop-up effects with Object States
-Web Overlays
-Adobe Edge Animate integration with DPS
-Preview folios and articles via the Adobe Content Viewer & Tablet Devices
-Folio and article preferences
-Sharing folios
-Publication overview of credentials, files, icons, splash screens for app creation.


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