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Convert an Adobe InDesign Document to Grayscale

Adobe InDesign is one of the programs of choice for layout specialists in a wide variety of industries. The program is great for creating everything from promotional posters to brochures and business cards. In the interest of saving ink and time, it sometimes becomes necessary for users to convert their InDesign projects to grayscale when they want to share them. InDesign’s output options allow you to do that in just a few simple steps.


Things You’ll Need:

PDF software (Adobe Acrobat 9 and Adobe Distiller)

Open InDesign and open the file you wish to convert to grayscale.

Finalize any layout changes, and make any additions you want to make to your document and save it by selecting “File” > “Save” from the application menu.

Select “File” > “Print” from the application menu and “PostScript File” from the “Printers” drop-down menu. Set the “PPD” menu to “Adobe PDF.”
Click the “Output” option from the left-hand column of the dialog box and set the “Color” menu to “Composite Gray.” Select an easy-to-access save location for your file and click “Save.”

Open your PDF creator of choice (I use Adobe Acrobat 9) or access one online. Import your PostScript file into the program (I used Distiller) and execute the commands for creating a PDF.

6.) Drag the postscript file (.ps) onto the Distiller window and wait until it processes the grayscale PDF.

You now have a printable and downloadable version of your original file in grayscale.

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