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Poster Art, Connect Grad Show


In 2012, I voluntarily created and hosted the ‘Connect Grad Show’ for the Graphic Design for Print & Web (GDPW) and Web Design, Development & Maintenance (WDDM) programs at Humber College, which is the first portfolio show event created for the program’s graduates within the Continuing Education (CE) department. During Connect Grad Show, graduates present their final works and showcase their portfolios in a networking environment to industry guests, alumni, faculty, and potential applicants for the program. Connect Grad Show also acts as an Open House event for future students. Faculty are present during the event to answer any questions about the programs within an informal setting.

My role in developing the Connect Grad Show included designing a brand identity for event, promotional materials, social media marketing, giveaway packages for event guests with program guides and an event website, which hosts the graduates portfolio websites. Before each event, I design a poster to display on campus to promote the Connect Grad Show. I usually print a full sized poster for the show (24″ x 36″) and smaller versions for the students; as a keep-sake.

After our first few events, we noticed an increase in graduate-employment due to the connections made between our graduates and industry/alumni. Roughly 82% of our graduates found employment within the first three months of graduating and 65% found employment within the first month. Overall, the events had great success and I am really proud of the impact that they made for our program and our graduates.


Humber College, Graphic Design for Print & Web (CE).


Branding, Event Management, Poster Art, Web Design, Social Media marketing.


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Branding, Web Design, HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript

Connect Grad Show

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