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Barbershop Tutorial Flash Cards


Recently I created a set of barbershop tutorial flash cards for an independent barber/hair stylist for the purpose of conducting an internal professional development workshop at a local hair studio. The client requested a set of instructional illustrations, which would help guide their students through the process of cutting and styling various haircuts.

For this project, I decided to create the set of tutorial flash cards to illustrate the haircutting process. I created the entire project using Adobe Draw, Adobe Sketch, and Adobe Spark using an iPad Pro with a second generation pen. After sketching out the initial concepts and layouts, I used Adobe Draw to create each headshot and then brought each headshot over to Adobe Sketch to paint and style each step of the haircutting process. I then created the layout using Adobe Spark and printed the final project on 12pt 4.75″ soft touch cards and finished each set of cards with chrome metal rings.

*Update: This project was recently featured on Adobe Draw’s Behance page.


Shadwell Holmes, Independent Barber/hair Stylist.


Illustration, page layout, typography.


Adobe Draw, Adobe Sketch, Adobe Spark

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