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Download the tutorial file(s) by clicking on the link below:

[button color=orange url=https://www.mark-anthony.ca/myfiles/illustratortutorial.zip]DOWNLOAD[/button]


step 1:

Unzip and Save the file to your desktop.

step 2:

Launch Illustrator from the dock.

step 3:

Open the file named ‘pencil.ai’ in Illustrator

step 4:

Open the layer panel and rename layer 1 to “Vector Pencil”

step 5:

Using ONLY the selection arrow (black arrow) in the tool box, arrange, move and rotate the objects to assemble the pencil drawing as seen below:


step 6:

Once you are finished, save your file as a .ai file and name it in the following manner: “FirstName_LastName_PencilFinish.ai”

step 7:

Create a folder on the desktop named: “FirstName_LastName_IllustratorTutorial” and place your .ai file inside of the new folder.

step 8:

Upload your .ai file by clicking on the ‘select file’ or ‘choose file’ button below. Browse for your file on the desktop. After you have selected your file, click on the ‘upload’ or ‘submit’ button to submit your finished tutorial.

*While uploading your file, please wait until the page refreshes. DO NOT click on the back button or refresh your page manually.