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Course Description:

This workshop or tutoring is available for on-site training to creative professionals who want to learn the fundamentals and advanced techniques of Adobe Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop has been the industry standard software solution for professional photo editing and image creation on the desktop since its inception. Featuring comprehensive image manipulation capabilities, a wide variety of tools, commands and options tailored specifically for the purpose of working with high-quality still images, Photoshop is the worldwide standard.  Students will develop a working knowledge of this application and gain the skills required for any position in graphic design, multimedia, and web development.

Topics covered are:


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Understand the difference between Raster and Vector graphics.
Apply standard file navigation and management commands such as; Open, Close & Save.
Identify and manipulate elements of the user interface: Palettes, Tools, Document Window features.
Navigate documents through various Zoom and Scroll options.
Create and modify Selections using the Selection Tools alone and in combination.
Apply Feathering to Selections.
Create and manipulate Pixel-based graphic elements using the Painting Tools.
Create and customize basic object-oriented vector graphic elements using the Path, Type and Shape Tools.
Implement Commands and Palettes effectively through Menus.
Apply Colour in a variety of Colour Models in the Colour Picker and in the Colour Palette.
Create and modify type using the Type Tool and its variants.
Apply, create, save and modify Styles using the Styles Palette.


Manipulate picture elements using advanced selection techniques.
Combine pictorial elements with compositing and blending techniques.
Effectively retouch images using professional methods.
Create precision selections and close-crops using a variety of techniques.
Create custom brushes and use them for conceptual rendering.
Work with Smart Objects, Layer groups and other timesavers.
Implement a Batch process for speed of operations in a production workflow.
Optimize file size and format for web output using Save for Web and Devices.
Slice Photoshop-based web page mockups.
Create Layer Effect Stacks for complex special effects.
Create a variety of web interfaces and web interface objects using Photoshop.
Utilize layers, channels and other features of the application to create composite images for the web.
Apply filters and other special effects to bitmap objects.


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