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Course Description:

This workshop or tutoring is available for on-site training to creative professionals who want to learn the fundamentals and advanced techniques of Adobe Illustrator.

Learn how to create vector artwork for print, web, and mobile projects.

Topics covered are:

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Raster vs Vector
Anatomy of Vector
Overview of Ai Interface
Navigating workspace
Basic Shapes
Saving Documents
Pen Tool Basics
Joining Paths
Transformation Tools
Creating Compound Paths
Layer Management
Grouping Objects
Using Colour
Creating Swatches
Creating Gradients
Using Process/Spot/Global Swatches


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Creating Colour Groups
Using the Kuler Extension
Creating Masks
Using The Type Tools
Using Offset paths
Placing Linked vs Embedded Files
Using The Pathfinder Panel
Align/Distribute Objects
Using Live Effects
Envelope Distortion
Using The Gradient Mesh
Creating PDF’s
Printing Techniques




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*You may also request custom instruction if none of the topics you require are listed above.

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