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9 Swiss Inspired Typography Effects Using Adobe Illustrator

9 Swiss Inspired Typography Effects Using Adobe Illustrator Playlist.

In this video, we’ll explore some of illustrators visual effects and tools to create some Swiss inspired type designs. We can use these tools and effects to create some really interesting visuals and treat our type as an image. I’ve put together a series of nine effects and techniques that we’ll learn, including, gradients, blend modes, type on a path, transform & scale, envelope distort, the blend tool, 3D extrude and bevel, the perspective grid, and the shape builder tool. Lastly, we’ll learn how to export and save our graphics for web and print using illustrators Save for Web function, the export the asset export panel, and how to save our files as a single high quality PDF for print.

Once you’ve completed the videos, let’s see how you can use some of these techniques to create your own design. You can design a poster wallpaper/home screen for your phone, or a series of typographic quotes to post on social media—it’s totally up to you.

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