User Interface Stencil for Web & Mobile

User Interface Stencil for Web & Mobile

I recently designed a User Interface Stencil to compliment the UI UX Sketchbooks that I created last year. These UI Stencils are a great tool for students and designers to quickly prototype their web and mobile app designs. The stencils were designed with durable, recyclable and sustainable materials in mind. Each user interface stencil was laser cut to provide accurate scaling and measurement of UI elements. Creating these simple and easy tools for my students helps them visualize their projects while understanding the logic behind developing a web-based application or design.

Help Donate User Interface Stencils

With every purchase of a user interface stencil, I will donate a UI stencil on behalf of the purchaser. User interface stencils will be donated to high school students from Monarch Park Collegiate who are participating in the upcoming ORION Network Hackathon and workshop events. The event will be sponsored and organized in conjunction with the Toronto District School Board ( TDSB ), EdAppHack, and MaRS Discovery District.

I will also be sponsoring the Future Leaders Bootcamp for Teens this Summer with more supplies.

UI Stencils are now available order:


User Interface Stencil Helps EdAppHack Students

Last month, I helped design a UI Stencil for high school computer science students taking part in the EdAppHack Hackathon (DigiFest 2015). The stencils were meant to help the students prototype their ideas and build visual concepts for their assigned web and mobile projects. The stencils were a huge success among the students and the organizers of the event. I received a lot of positive feedback about the design of the UI stencils and how much they helped the students during their design phases.

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All profits from the Toolkit Project will go towards the education of post-secondary students interested in the arts, design and STEM (Science, Technology Engineering, and Mathematics) programs.



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