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This showcase book from Adobe Press features some established and emerging Illustrator artists, their masterful work, and tutorials demonstrating their techniques for using Adobe Illustrator. In addition to the art showcase, this book includes several tutorial projects that teach techniques for working in Illustrator. The book can be useful for users of recent and future […]

After the completion of the first five weeks of the Graphic Design for Print & Web program, my students were asked to develop the first of their three major composite projects of the year. The first one being an advertising campaign that includes developing three unique advertisements that are to be published in a magazine of their choice – based on their intended target market. The students can choose to develop a campaign for a product, service, event or social cause and also had to research the demographics of their target audience.

Their ads were to run in consecutive issues of the same magazine, or in consecutive spreads of one issue, which is known as a “reveal” ad.


If you’ve ever had to create a package design and had to layout measurements for die-lines, this script will help you save tons of time. With the Dimensions script (<— Click the link to download) you can add measurements to your artwork easily and quickly. Unzip the file and save it in a folder on your […]

This is a quick video which shows how to sample color from other Adobe applications with Illustrators eye dropper tool. In Illustrator: 1) Select the object you wish to apply the sampled color. 2) Select the eye dropper tool. 3) With the eye dropper tool, click + hold CMD (mac) Ctrl (pc) on top of […]

With an exquisite design and 1024 levels of pressure, it looks like the perfect device for anyone who sketches anything, from illustrators to architects. While there are other ink-to-digital pens out there, the difference here is Wacom’s pressure technology. Recording 1024 levels of pressure, the Inkling will capture ever nuance in your drawings. This is how […]

The Adobe Creative Suite has progressed with new tools and features that help keep us, as designers, more efficient while completing tasks in our everyday workflow.  Take a look at these CS3-CS5.5 new features and updates that Adobe has implemented throughout the past few years.            

Final Product What You’ll Be Creating In the following tutorial you will learn to create a nice navigation menu. This is particularly useful for people who want to make perfectly aligned rollover states for websites and applications. Step 1 Create a 630 by 190px document. First, turn on the Grid (View > Grid) and the […]

How can you find what Pan­tone color best matches your CMYK/Process Colours? There are a few ways to do this. This time I want to show you a lit­tle known secret inside Illus­tra­tor which beats every­thing else in speed and accuracy. In Illus­tra­tor, pick a few col­ors to work with. Usu­ally I make a copy […]