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Adobe Digital Publishing Suite – Streaming YouTube Video

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Adobe Digital Publishing Suite – Streaming YouTube Video

In this tutorial, I will go through the steps for streaming video within the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. Adding video content to your DPS projects can add more value to your articles but it also adds to your folio’s file size. This also uses quite a bit of your readers bandwidth when downloading your folio. Before deciding on whether or not you should stream your video content vs embedding it, you should understand that your reader may not have WiFi access or Data on their device at the time of reading your digital publication. They may also have a weak WiFi or Data signal, which will make the video buffer throughout its duration. Personally, I would recommend streaming video if the video is not crucial in moving the story or content further. If the video’s purpose is to deliver bonus content to a story, which does not affect the article in anyway, I would opt for streaming over embedding your video.

With that said, let’s go through the steps of streaming a YouTube video in a Digital Publishing Suite folio.