Screen Printing Basics

So, in the next few months I’ll be teaching Digital Prepress using Adobe’s Acrobat 9 and InDesign in the Continuing Education (CE) department, as well as the Graphic Design for Print & Web program. I thought it would be appropriate to also add posts on InDesign, Acrobat 9 and Typography related content – another course that I’ll be instructing next year, on my website. Let’s face it, printing and typography get the short-end of the stick in our industry but understanding their importance will help you become a better designer in the long run. There’s a lot of designers out there, some self proclaimed, that don’t understand basic printing terms like color separations, trapping, impositions etc…

I have to admit, prepress was kind of boring to me when I first started out studying graphic arts but as I started to produce graphics for output more often, I started to think of my designs from a printing point-of-view rather than from an aesthetic standpoint. On occasion, I print my own T-Shirts and create clothing apparel designs for clients. This video on screen printing basics shows the process of creating a design on screen to print, and the thought process that falls in between.  Yes, I know, the actors in the video are lame but you’ll get the point… trust me.

I recently made a T-Shirt called “Evolution.” I like it so much that I also made it into a wallpaper graphic for my laptop. 🙂

You can also download the wallpaper version by clicking on the link below.

Evolution Wallpaper

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