Previewing DPS Folio’s On Android Devices

Previewing DPS Folio’s On Android Devices

For those of you that use an Android device in your DPS workflow, the previewing process works a bit differently from using an IOS device. Setting up the device to communicate with your computer requires some permissions access. To preview your DPS folios on a supported Android device using InDesign and the Adobe Content Viewer app, do the following:

Download and install the Adobe Content Viewer App from the Google Play store. There are two versions. The Content Viewer (Legacy) is or older Android OS’ and then there is a version for Android 4.2+ (New Version).

  1. Turn on USB Debugging/Developer on your Android device. The location of the USB Debugging/Developer option varies depending on your Android device. For some devices, it’s located in Settings > Applications > Development. For newer versions of Android, go to: Settings > About Phone > Build Number (Rapidly, tap on “build number” 7 times.)
  2. Connect your Android device to your computer via USB.
  3. Launch the Adobe Content Viewer on the tablet device.
  4. In the Folio Builder panel in InDesign, select the article or folio you want to preview from the folio builder or folio overlay panel, and then choose the device name from the Preview menu at the bottom of the panel. Choosing to preview option from the Folio Overlays panel will only the layout in a raster format.
  5. To download and view shared folios on your device, sign in to the content viewer app using the same Adobe ID and password you used to sign in to the Folio Builder panel within InDesign. You will now have access for all your folios and folios that were shared with you via your Adobe ID email.

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