Previewing Graphic Styles in Ai

I’m sure by now you all know that I love using the Appearance panel and Graphic Styles in Illustrator. In one document I can have a number of similar and complex graphic styles and the thumbnail image in the Graphic Style panel doesn’t always represent the style as good as I would like. Luckily you can quickly preview a graphic style on a selected object!

Preview Graphic Style

To quickly preview a Graphic Style, hold down Control and click on the desired Graphic Style. Pretty cool!

In the sample below. I have three styles that are pretty similar when looking at the thumbnail’s in the Graphic Styles panel. I want a specific one for the cloud icon, so I select the icon and hold down Control and click on each style until I find the I want.

graphic style

graphic style

Preview Graphic Styles in Illustrator Another option is to just label each graphic style and in the Graphic Styles panel’s pop-up menu select Large List View.

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