Drawing with Ai’s Perspective Grid.

Whether you’ve curiously selected the Perspective Grid tool in the toolbox or stumbled upon it by accident, obliviously  hitting a random shortcut command (SHIFT+COMMAND+I), a lot of students seem to ask me what the purpose is of Ai’s new Perspective Grid. Although I haven’t taught an advanced level of Illustrator this year, I always find myself going through a hands-on demonstration with my class during spare time.

The perspective grid not only allows you to create shapes in perspective, but it also allows you to place and position your existing artwork and text objects along the perspective grid by using the perspective selection tool.

I’m currently working on new tutorials for my classes and video tutorials in order to explain and demonstrate how useful and helpful this new tool is in Ai CS5 but in the meantime, I found this video on YouTube by Lynda.com which does a pretty good job explaining the functions of the Perspective Grid tool .

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