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    I recently developed a newly designed website for Humber College’s Graphic Design for Print & Web (GDPW) program. The purpose of the new website is to showcase current and past student’s work–along with–providing information for future students and employers. Usability and navigation were some of the key components of making this website functional and […]

  I’m a bit embarrassed to show this but way back in 1998, when I was in my first year of graphic design at Fanshawe College, in London Ontario, I was so excited about all of the new skills that I was learning that I started offering my design services to family and friends whom […]

  This year, I will be introducing a new course in my GDPW program at Humber College called UI Design. Students will explore design techniques for web and mobile devices while adhering to web standards and experimenting with design trends. For the major project, I decided to build a simple web application that would randomly select a […]

In this course, students learned how to use the Adobe® Digital Publishing Suite to create, and optimize publications for various tablet devices. This year, more emphasis was made on User Interface development and animations using HTML5 & jQuery touch methods for mobile devices. The students quickly took advantage of the many possibilities and potential actions that the […]

  Here is a set of social icons that I made while designing a retro themed blog site. I’ve optimized them for desktop displays and also for retina displays. Each icon is set to 48px in size. You can download Retina.js which is a short script that allows your browser to swap-out the default images […]

After the completion of the first five weeks of the Graphic Design for Print & Web program, my students were asked to develop the first of their three major composite projects of the year. The first one being an advertising campaign that includes developing three unique advertisements that are to be published in a magazine of their choice – based on their intended target market. The students can choose to develop a campaign for a product, service, event or social cause and also had to research the demographics of their target audience.

Their ads were to run in consecutive issues of the same magazine, or in consecutive spreads of one issue, which is known as a “reveal” ad.

As an introductory project to Adobe Illustrator, students were asked to render a representational vector portrait/avatar of their own faces and add an accompanied colour harmony rule to express their personality or expression in the photo.

To do this, students were restricted to using the pen tool, along with basic shapes and solid colour.

The learning outcomes of this assignment included efficient use of layers to organize their drawing, and the mastering of the pen tool – which is probably the single most useful tool for vector drawings available to a graphic designer. As well, students learned how to accurately identify tonal values, colour and shape configurations in this type of representational drawing.