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Raster or Vector 4 – GD0911 Technical Drawings

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Raster or Vector 4 – GD0911 Technical Drawings

Every year I’m amazed at the projects my Graphic students produce but the one project that really tests their skills, time management and efficiency is the Illustator level 2 technical drawing assignment. I’m always proud of my students for working hard and putting forth the time and effort with these projects. More importantly, hearing their positive feedback regarding the project and how it improved their skills makes me realize the importance of this challenging but satisfying assignment.

As always, The Graphic Design for Print and Web students created some amazing realistic vector drawings using Adobe Illustrator. They were expected to use proper layer structure to organize a complex drawing while choosing the most suitable of Illustrator’s many tools and features for creating realistic shading, contours, and surface textures. The students also experiment with filters, effects and the mesh tool in Adobe Illustrator to achieve realism.

Here are some of the most recent projects from my GD0911 students this semester. See if you can tell the difference between the original vs. the vector illustration… There’s no photographs here 😉