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Adobe Digital Publishing Suite: Student Projects GD0912

HYPE – Brandon Titaro: Digital Publishing Suite

In this course, students learned how to use the Adobe® Digital Publishing Suite to create, and optimize publications for various tablet devices. This year, more emphasis was made on User Interface development and animations using HTML5 & jQuery touch methods for mobile devices. The students quickly took advantage of the many possibilities and potential actions that the web overlays could provide. The students also utilized many different overlay interactions, such as external and internal hyperlinking, slideshows, object state animations, sequence overlays and scrollable content. I have posted a few videos of the many great projects that my students created this semester. They are full of  interesting concepts, layout and engaging content.

Course Description: Adobe Digital Publishing Suite

DPS Workshops


Canadian Taste – Marisa Crandall: Digital Publishing Suite

House & Home – Lianne Suggitt: Digital Publishing Suite

Global Village – Mary-Anne Terry: Digital Publishing Suite

Derby Stance – Caitlin Cuthbert: Digital Publishing Suite

WIRED – Emily Dalton: Digital Publishing Suite

Canadian Events – Mary Hancock: Digital Publishing Suite

Meg & Beth – Sara Russell: Digital Publishing Suite

Philosophy – Cristina Teles: Digital Publishing Suite

Destination – Diana Lewis: Digital Publishing Suite


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